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Busty Kiera King is a chique ! She is in her studio with large glass sliding doors which is open to a brightly lit garden. The room is neat with white walls, polished cabinets and a Studio bed with white sheet. She is posing on the bed and her auburn hair is combed back to fall down her back. She is completely naked with no ornaments. Her busty boobs are huge full and of good shape. She squats on top of a hunk and props herself on her hands on his chest and faces away from him while fucking him. His cock is deep in her pussy.

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Alison Star is a busty and voluptuous MILF. She poses in her studio which is well lit. There is a bright window, a park bench and a huge couch in the background. Her work table can be seen nearby her bed. She is reclining on the bed which is neatly made with a white sheet. Her auburn hair is combed back like a cushion for her head. Her busty boobs are full and large with light areolas and nipples. Her face has mascara and lipstick. She is wearing just her white stilettos. A hunk gives her an intimate cunnilingus while massaging her left boob.

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